Smoothing Effect


Silk Touch

For even the most stubborn hair

Silk Touch Keratin Treatment is a complex of botanical and organic plant extracts mixed in a perfect balance. This formulation provides significant frizz control, shine and smoothness, as well as a reduces curl and volume, in order to achieve excellent results while nourishing and strengthening the hair fibers. This treatment guarantees shine, softness and visibly healthy hair. Recommended for all hair types. Specific treatment to smooth and reduce the volume of curly and frizzy hair.



Silk Touch Natural Keratin Treatment uses a blend of organic amino acids, sugars, cellulose derivatives and plant proteins to modify the hair fiber and leave it smooth and stable for long periods of time, including an impressive reduction in volume, without damaging the keratin disulfide, salt or hydrogen bonds. It also reduces water absorption, protecting hair from humidity. The product contains no allergens, formaldehyde or
other harsh chemicals. Volume reduction is exceptional and hair is left bright, easy to comb and ever so soft to the touch. This treatment also allows for very easy styling by cutting down blow- drying time and assisting in maintaining heat styling.

of Botanical & Organic Extracts

Main ingredients: Organic acids, hydrolyzed wheat protein and surfactants derived from olive oil. The organic acids ensure efficacy and respect the hair structure rebuilding even the most damaged fibres.

Our formula is formaldehyde-free and OSHA tested, ensuring safety and compliance. Crafted from all-natural ingredients, it offers one-step processing and same-day rinsing convenience. Experience up to 5 months of lasting results, delivering exceptional value and satisfaction.

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